​Joe Rabil has been providing technical stock research to some of the largest institutional money managers in the world for the past 30 years.

Joe is an expert in the use of multiple time frame analysis and momentum characteristics of trends. During his career, he has identified and implemented methods to help improve stock selection and timing.

Joe graduated from Georgetown University in 1987 majoring in Finance.  As a retail stockbroker, Joe realized the need to supplement fundamental research with additional timing tools.  In 1988, Joe started hand charting 300 point and figure charts each day.  Through this process, and extensive reading and research, Joe began mastering technical analysis.  Using a ‘weight of the evidence’ approach which included Point and Figure charts, Bar charts, Volume, Relative Strength, Moving Averages, MACD, RSI and ADX/DMI, Joe began doing seminars on technical analysis for retail clientele.  In addition, Joe taught a course on continuing education at a community college which included this subject matter.

In 1990, Joe took a job with a start-up research firm, DiBiasio & Edgington, Inc.  This firm supplied software and research on the general market as well as individual stocks to major institutional money managers around the country.  Joe helped to build this company over the next 15 years, handling the Midwest territory, along with Texas and parts of the Northeast. 

As a part of his day-to-day activities, Mr. Rabil worked closely with portfolio managers.  He would closely monitor individual stocks in their portfolios for technical improvement and deterioration.  In addition, he would watch for changes in a broader list of stocks to help with new ideas as well as sector rotation, both positive and negative.

In May of 2005, Joe started Rabil Stock Research, LLC.  Since that time, Joe has worked closely with a few select clients much in the same way he did with his previous employer.

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